The Complete Series R1 DVD Set

Quantum Leap DVDQuantum Leap DVDQuantum Leap DVD

Pre-Order Quantum Leap: The Complete Series Now!

I am proposing the Quantum Leap Library Project.

If you already own the R1 DVDs of Quantum leap I encourage people who can afford the set, but don’t need it, to purchase it and donate it to your local library. People browse the library DVDs to find new and interesting things they may have missed, and since it’s free, they have more of a tendency to take a chance on things they might not spend money on at Best Buy. So if you can, why not make sure your own local library has a set. It’s a way of making sure current and future generations get the same chance to learn from, love and enjoy the same the awesomeness that is Quantum Leap.

And It’s most likely Tax Deductible.