QLP 027 Leaping In Without A Net


In the twenty-seventh installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie and Heather discuss season two, episode nineteen “Leaping In Without A Net”. There are first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, and a amazing interview with Tommy Thompson, the writer of many Quantum Leap episodes including Leaping In Without A Net, and the series’ Co-Executive Producer. The first episode of the original audio drama Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream, Need You Now: Part 1. Also an article from Hayden McQueenie about Quantum leap crossovers.

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Tommy-Thompson00:00:00 – QLP opening
00:02:56 – Hello – First impressions
00:06:13 – Episode recap
00:19:48 – Main discussion/Episode breakdown
00:56:42 – Interview with Tommy Thompson
02:31:41 – Thinking Outside The Long Box promo
02:32:09 – Scott talks Leaping In Without A Net
02:34:58 – Interview reactions
02:35:52 – Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream
02:42:53 – Feedback
02:53:48 – Hayden McQueenie segment
03:03:28 – Podcast Awards
03:04:13 – News?
03:04:55 – Trivia
03:07:01 – On the next episode
03:09:47 – Credits
03:11:01 – Bloopers
03:14:53 – PS

Also check out this great interview with Fabiana Udenio who played the role of Eva Panzini in the Quantum Leap episode Leaping in Without a Net


QL:TID 101 – Need You Now Part 1


Quantum Leap: The Impossible Dream is an original audio drama created by Jill Arroway and produced by Albert Mark Burdge, in association with The Quantum Leap Podcast and Barren Space Productions. The story centers around a new leaper, named Amber Leigh, and her neurological hologram husband, Ryan. It continues in the Quantum Leap universe of Dr. Sam Beckett and Rear Admiral Al Calavicci, but is set in 2017, and they have solved the problem with leaping: Amber has the ability to leap home after her mission. They live The Impossible Dream.



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