QLP 039 Rebel Without A Clue

It’s ahead full-throttle in the thirty-ninth installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, as we rev up for season three, episode eight, Rebel Without A Clue.

Join hosts Albie and Heather as they discuss Sam’s Leap into biker-gang clown Shane “Funny Bone” Thomas, where he must rescue an idealistic young woman named Becky from being murdered by abusive gang leader Dillon. Desperate to save her, Sam enlists the help of iconic Beat Generation poet Jack Kerouac.

Then stick around for an interview with the actor who played Kerouac, Michael Bryan French. Michael talks with Albie about his long acting career, and what it was like to work on the show.

There’s also a new Quantum Deep segment from Hayden McQueenie, Radio Sightings by Christopher DeFilippis, episode trivia and more–including a huge announcement about the rediscovered lost ending of series finale Mirror Image!

00:00:01: Intro
00:02:20: First Impressions
00:06:25: Episode Recap
00:13:17: Main Discussion
00:49:13: Michael Bryan French Interview
01:06:53: Quantum Retrieval: Teaser
01:07:36: TOTLB Promo
01:09:23: Vintage Audio–Behind the Scenes at Quantum Leap
01:15:11: Scott Bakula ID
01:15:17: Quantum Leap Radio Sightings: “How The Tess Was Won”
01:20:10: Quantum Deep: Al Calavicci: Legend or Liar?
01:38:07: Trivia with Albie and Hayden
01:48:52: News–Mirror Image Lost Ending Found!
01:57:32: Feedback
02:01:50: On The Next Episode: A Little Miracle
02:04:38: Credits
02:05:53: Bloopers

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