The Quantum Leap Podcast Short Fiction Contest

Calling all writers!

Do you have an original Quantum Leap story that you want to share with fellow Leapers? Now’s your chance! Announcing the Quantum Leap Podcast’s short fiction contest.

Help Doctor Beckett Leap from life to life, trying to put right what once went wrong. We’re looking for your original Quantum Leap adventures about Sam, Al, Ziggy, Gushie, Donna, Beth, Leapers, Leapees — anyone or anything, as long as it’s set in the established Quantum Leap Universe!

Here are the ground rules:

  • We’re looking for original stories that haven’t appeared anywhere in print or online.
  • Keep it to 5,000 words or less. We’re not looking for your unpublished novel here.
  • The Quantum Leap Podcast reserves the right to edit stories before they are released.
  • E-mail submissions only. Please send stories to

The first eight participants will get a small prize. And the top three entries–as judged by the Quantum Leap Podcast team–will receive an autographed copy of the Quantum Leap novel Foreknowledge.

Winning stories will be read on the podcast, and posted on our website.

So what are you waiting for? Hop into the Accelerator Chamber and make the Leap! Enter the Quantum Leap Podcast Short Fiction Contest now!

The Gift By Lesley Wentzell

QLP-real-1400 The Gift By Lesley Wentzell
Read By Hayden McQueenie.


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