QLP 041 Runaway

Join us as we buckle in for a family road trip — Quantum Leap style — with Season 3 Episode 11, Runaway.

Guest hosts Allison Pregler, Matt Dale and Christopher DeFilippis journey cross country with Sam as he Leaps into 13-year-old Butchie Rickett. Not only does Sam have to deal with a host of adolescent indignities — including a mean big sister and posing with Buffalo Chimps — but he also has to find a way to keep Butchie’s mother Emma from abandoning her family.

We also bring you an interview with actor Tom McTigue. Tom played Blake’s sycophantic yes-man Calloway in the Christmas episode A Little Miracle. He spoke to Chris about his acting and stand-up comedy career, and recounted his time guest starring on Quantum Leap.

Then stick around for a new Quantum Deep, radio sightings, trivia, feedback and more.

The Quantum Leap Podcast: More fun than a barrel of Buffalo Chimps!

00:00:01: Intro
00:02:13: New Voices, Same Podcast
00:05:10: Initial Impressions
00:06:58: Episode Recap
00:11:30: Main Discussion
01:07:55: Promo: Barren Space Professional Audio Production
01:09:45: Vintage Audio: Scott Talks Quantum Leap
01:12:04: Ann Walker Show ID
01:12:10: Tom McTigue Interview
01:38:44: Quantum Deep: Identical Beckys
01:52:15: Quantum Leap Radio Sightings: Double Identity
01:56:41: Trivia and News with Albie and Hayden
02:16:46: Feedback
02:32:41: Up Next: 8-1/2 Months
02:33:49: Goodbyes
02:34:16: Credits
02:35:30: Bloopers

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