QLP 037 Black On White On Fire

In the thirty-seventh installment of The Quantum Leap Podcast, Albie, Heather, and special guest star Deborah Pratt discuss season three, episode seven, Black On White On Fire.

There are first impressions, an episode recap, thoughts and opinions, listener feedback, and two great interviews from episode guest stars conducted by Christopher DeFilippis. Our first interview is with Corie Knights who played Susan Brewster. Our second interview is with SaMi Chester who played Bebe.

Suzanne Smiley has a touching tribute to Director Joe Napolitano

Jessie has her first segment in a multipart series on Acting.

If that’s not enough, Hayden McQueenie is back with his latest “Quantum Deep” segment, with his take on marriage equality then and now.

Christopher DeFilippis also brings us another edition of the Quantum Leap Radio Sightings

In addition, Albie teams up with special guest Lesley Wentzell to read viewer feedback.

Listen up for all that and more.

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